Jul. 31 - In the first big deal of the day Thursday, the Yankees have acquired Boone in exchange for pitching prospect Brandon Claussen and $3 million in cash. Earlier, it was reported that Cincinnati also would ship left-hander Gabe White to New York, but reports say he was not included in this deal but could be sent to the Yankees in a subsequent trade

Jul. 31 - Boston apparently has won the Suppan derby, sending third-baseman Freddy Sanchez and other prospects to the Pirates for Suppan and injured reliever Brandon Lyon, whom the Red Sox sent to Pittsburgh for Scott Sauerbeck last week.

Jul. 31 - With the Yankees having acquired Aaron Boone from Cincinnati on Thursday, rumors of Ventura's future began to float out. The Seattle Times suggested the Mariners, who also made a bid for Boone, could try to pick him up, and ESPN's Peter Gammons suggests the Dodgers as another possible destination.

Jul. 31 - The Padres haven't given up on getting Giles from Pittsburgh. But while they continue to haggle over the Jason Kendall part of the deal, Giles' name is popping up elsewhere.
The Pirates reportedly called the Phillies to see if they wanted Giles, but reports indicate Pittsburgh was asking for too much in return. The Yankees want to make a big deal by the deadline, and Giles is among the outfielders on their shopping list. However, the Pirates haven't approached Giles or his agent about waiving his no-trade clause.

The Kansas City Star reports the Royals still are looking for an impact bat, with GM Allard Baird saying there still are three hitters on the market that meet that definition. The paper indicates Giles is among those three.

Jul. 31 - If the Padres do pull off the Brian Giles deal, ESPN.com's Jayson Stark is hearing they could turn around and offer Klesko to the Yankees, who are looking for a big-name outfielder. Klesko has 20 homers and 59 RBIs this season, and his on-base percentage is .352.

Jul. 31 - With an hour to go before the deadline, ESPN.com's Jayson Stark is hearing that Escobar might wind up staying put after all.
The Cardinals reportedly tried to work out a couple of different multi-team scenarios to get Escobar, but they all ultimately fell through. The Phillies, Braves and Giants also had expressed interest, and one reports said the Yankees could get into the mix, as well.

Jul. 31 - ESPN.com's Jayson Stark is hearing the league office, which is running the Expos, won't allow them to deal either Guerrero or Javier Vazquez. That puts to rest rumors of the Yankes making a run at Guerrero, which was all the buzz on Wednesday.
Expos GM Omar Minaya told the New York Times he spoke with the Yankees on Wednesday, but not about Guerrero. He added that any offer for Guerrero would have to overwhelm him. "I could be a seller if somebody really gives me a very, very good deal," Minaya told the Times.

Rumors Wednesday suggested Yankees owner George Steinbrenner wanted to make a run at a big-name outfielder like Guererro in response to recent moves by the division-rival Red Sox.

Jul. 31 - After trading pitcher Scott Schoeneweis earlier this week, the Angels dropped hints that weren't done dealing, and even that they hoped to pull off an even bigger deal. Thursday's New York Post indicates that bigger deal could involve sending Erstad to the Yankees