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Thread: Would you make this trade?

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    Amani Toomer/Jerome Bettis for Duece McCallister/Ashley Lelie...

    I have Priest Holmes and Jamal Lewis already at RB however we have a RB/WR flex position. My wide receivers are Torry Holt/Jerry Rice/Chad Johnson/Quicy Morgan/Santana Moss/ so perhaps Amani is expendable. What are your thoughts?

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    In a second. Deuce is a top runningback and will score 12-15 touchdowns for you. Toomer will be lucky to have 9 or so. Bettis isn't even starting.

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    go get deuce priest holmes is too iffy with his hip

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    Make this trade before the other guy sobers up.

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    Stop asking questions and get the deal done!!!!


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