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    I need some advice.......i am in a 15 team league with two starting RBs.....the rest of my team is set except at RB. My first starting RB is William Green, which could screw me now with the injury to the OL. My second starter is between....Marcel Shipp, Duce Staley (he will probably be splitting time for the next few weeks), Thomas Jones, or TJ Duckett.

    What do u guys think......or should i try and get a trade rest of my team is Kurt Warner, Marvin Harrison, Marty Booker, Randy McMichael, Charles Rogers, Vinatieri, and Phili's D.

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    Apr 2003
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    Your second RB is hurting. You have a group of suspects who all could end up splitting time this year. You need to swing a trade or go three wides (if it is an option in your league).

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    You would have to go with Duce but you are hurting big time at this position.


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