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Thread: Should this trade be vetoed by the Commissioner??

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    Here's the deal. I am commissioner of my league, and thus am the one who ultimately pushes trades through using the CBS Sportsline site. However, it is not my place to veto a trade, as the whole league must decide. That being said, in a league starting 3 WR and 1 TE, where receptions are worth one point (pt/per 10 yards, 5 for TD), is this trade absurd enough to be vetoed??

    Randy Mcmichael (average 2 catches for 21.4, and ZERO td's in last 9 games)
    and Keyshawn Johnson (not a great fantasy player)


    Todd Pinkston (not good, could be, but a throw-in basically)
    and Jeremy Shockey (arguably #1 TE in league)

    I'm really curious what all of you think. Especially since I previously offered Rod Gardner and Warrick Dunn for Shockey, and got denied.

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    I think it is bad trade, but definitely not one that should be overturned. I think the burden for overturning a trade is a lot higher than just thinking one guy got the better of it. Johnson is an upgrade for him at receiver and he took a downgrade at TE for it. That is fair enough to be upheld.

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    Arguably is right! He is considered a top 5 TE because of his
    potential. Look at his numbers for last year. He gets some catches
    but only 2 that's right 2 TD's all of last year. And what did he do in week
    one? The media has this guy as a god. I believe Gonzalez, Heap, Crumpler,
    and Jolley will have a better season than the "mouth". Depending on your league scoring,
    in the red zone he blows! If you think he is #1, you can have him. I've got Crumpler on all 3
    of my teams. I don't think I'm going to be dissapointed. I certainly wouldn't turn down
    a trade because Shockey's involved. It sounds like you're one of those caught up in all the
    crap. Look at the numbers, look at the matchups. That's how you win in fantasy football!

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    Thanks...I appreciate the input.

    Still think McMichael is garbage though, and that Keyshawn for Shockey should not be allowed. Keyshawn finds the end zone as much as Shockey (obviously hardly ever), and Shockey is a TE. I think you gotta trade someone like Peerless or Chad Johnson to get Shockey, but that's just my opinion.

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    You rate Shockey way too high

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    It is a real bad trade but one guy obviously loves KJ and the other loves Shockey. So let them trade because they will probably both lose anyhow.


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