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Thread: Hockey is just around the corner

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    Go Flyers!


    If Hackett can't Hack it, maybe Esche will keep 'em out like Koresh!


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    Stick to politics, dude. How'd the 100miles go?


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    LETS go RANGERS..oppps I mean DEVILS..heheheh JUMBA getting close......

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    Ride went really well. It wasn't a race styled event, but me and two pals ended up establishing a brisk paceline and two of us broke away at the end to tie for first ones in. 18.2 mph average speed, which is tough to maintain when your terrain often looks like this:


    The only trouble is that I'm completely burnt out right now, and need to overcome enough inertia to finish swapping the chainrings on my mountain bike so I can do some trails before the snow comes...


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