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Thread: Do Not Call list blocked

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    This is one that oughtta unite all us C's and L's on the field. Except, perhaps, for those of you who oppose do-not-call on the pure grounds of small government and free commerce, that is. :P

    I've had an amazingly wonderful 3 weeks without a single one of those pre-recorded "please get in touch with us to claim your prize" messages on my machine. I'm going to smash something if they hold this up while letting the RIAA get away with its bull**** every day.

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    My wife gets a zillion magazines delivered each month. She keeps telling me that it's part of some promotion or is cheap or something. Anyway, this has put us on a zillion solicitation lists and I am not kidding, we used to get 10 calls a day. I have Caller ID, so I would answer the phone and beg the caller to take us off.

    If I hear, 'I can't do that' or the phrase "this isn't a sales call, it's a courtesy call" again I am going to freak out, ninja style.

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    As a Realtor, who gets business from calling people around town I am opposed to the list. Especially since Politicians and fund raisers are exempt.

    The way I see it, I am providing a service. Helping people find housing.


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