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Thread: Limbaugh's name linked to Florida drug investigati

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    It has been reported in the National Inquirer that Boca Raton PD investigating a drug ring in their area have found evidence that links Rush Limbaugh to the activities of the group. The principle drug the ring pushed was the prescription drug Vicadin. Now before you say "consider the source" chech this out. The most common side affect of Vicadin listed by its manufacturer is hearing loss. If you all remember Rush Limbaugh losted all of his hearing 2 years ago and had to undergo surgery to implant artificial cochlear in order to restore it. This comes on the heals of his Donovan McNabb gaff that got him bounced from ESPN and nixed a pending gig on ABC. If you also remember about 8 years ago there was a parody spoof of Limbaugh done by "She TV" that intimated Limbaugh is a racist. Limbaugh went went ballistic for weeks on his radio show attacking the producers of the She TV.

    Now add to this William Bennett the former Reagan Era Drug Czar who became known for his fire and brimstone moral temporance lectures. The same Bill Bennett that wrote a best selling book entitled "Values" on the moral decline of America. The same Bill Bennett that was suspended from his teaching position at Harvard University for buying alcohol beverages for a minor. Ole Bill was caught losing 8 million in one night at a Vegas Craps table 6 months ago.

    Looks like these two have been taking lessons from Bill Clinton, and learning very well at that !

    Talk about duplictous idiots

    Bwaaa Haaaa Haaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaa :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    It has also been reported in the National Inquirer that Jesus has returned in the body of a 4-headed monkey named McGillicutty.


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