Originally posted by jets5ever@Oct 10 2003, 03:45 PM
I mean no disrespect to anyone if they lost a loved one on that plane. But I think and have thought for a while that the government shot that plane out of the air. I further think that the Hero story was either invented or exaggerated.

There have been very few public details released about the forensic evidence and I have heard that several witnesses have said that they saw the plane explode in the air and that there may not have been a crash scene that was consistent with the type of impact from a 100% intact plane. I.e. - parts of the plane that were simply too far apart to have been attached up until impact, etc.

Does anyone else think so?

I should stipulate that I think the government would have been perfectly in the right to have shot this plane down, and further, I think the public would have understood. However, if true, I also can understand why they would squash this story. This is one of those things that is beyong two-party politics, IMO. I think that the USA would do this regardless of who was President and would also cover it up.

In fact, I kind of hope they did shoot it down. It saved lives and this story, even if false, had a good effect.

The black box, to my knowledge, was never recovered or at least, never declassified? The only "evidence" about a passenger revolt was a few cell phones calls about "let's roll" etc? Flimsy, IMO.

Am I crazy? I usually hate conspiracy theories....am I missing some evidence, was the black box made public??
I think you might be right on this 5ever. I thought so when I heard parts of the plane were 6 miles away from the site of impact. That seems like alot!

By the way, if the gov't did shoot down this plane, they probably saved hundreds of lives. God only knows what destination those sick, depraved animals had in mind for that flight