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Thread: Why The Yankees Will Win Game Two

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    I pick with my head and not with my heart. I figured that there was a chance that The Yanks would come out a bit flat in game one. The Yankees were coming off a big time championship fight with The Sox and I figured that The Marlins would be fresher than New York.

    The Yankees pitched well last night and had quite a few chances to win last nights game. The Marlin's best chance to win was last night. That was an encouraging sign that The Yanks were alive in the game and were right there all throughout.

    Tonight, It's Andy vs Redman. Advantage Yankees. Mariano Riviera wasn't used last night and will be available this evening. Advantage Yankees. Considering that fact, The Yanks have Monday off, Riviera can go 2 innings if needed. Advantage Yankees.

    The Yanks have been in this situation before. Losing game 1 at home and having to bounce back. They will tonight. Jack McKeon is going for broke and trying to win this series early by throwing out his best pitchers in relief. If this turns out to be a long series and Florida hangs in there with us, Then, The Marlin pitching staff could wear down by the end of this series.

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    The hangover from Friday morning is over. This team will get their licks today. The pitching matchup favors the Yankees by a bunch. And when they get to Florida, there will be more Yanks fans in the stand than Marlins fans.

    It would help a great deal if Soriano either wake up or take a seat. I thought with his bag-striking freak out in the 9th Thursday he might be coming out of it, but he's totally lost. A strikeout looking?


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