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Thread: Anyone have Fenway Pix with World Series?

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    Does anyone have the pix or link to those shmucks in Fenway who put the World Series Stamp on the field before yesterdays game?

    Their grounds crew must be under the the leadership of Grady "Sling Blade" Little.

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    You would think they would learn not to count their chickens before they hatch wouldn't you?

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    how dumb was that? just inexcusable.

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    should have never let this one out of the camera!

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    Originally posted by GreenBeans@Oct 17 2003, 09:57 AM

    "Curse Smurse just get the logo painted before you go home today".

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    Thanks!!! Will have some fun with the Sox fans today. I think this is the same knuckle head in the picture that Nelson and Garcia put a beat down on.
    Can't wait to hear stories like "the champagne had to be removed from the Sox locker room in the bottom of the 8th"

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    I was at a sports bar and boy those Red Sox fans were flaunting their lead - cocky and sure of themselves.

    I've also never seen such a hush fall over a crowd as when Posada's double dropped in. Half of them left the bar with a TIE game. Talk about sad - resigning yourselves to a loss even when its a tie game.

    It was fun cheering "1918" at the remaining Red Sox fans when Boone's HR went over the wall.

    A great game and a great moment.


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