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Thread: Thank You Green Jets and Ham

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    Buddy, I took your advice and sent my wife to the concert with her sister and went to a local bar and watched the game with my brother, it was an experience I will never forget and one taht I so foolishly was ready to give away for just a concert, my wife was cool about it and it went great, thanks for slappin some sense into me man

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    MBG, I'm so glad you took my advice ... if we live to be a thousand, that is one game we will never forget

    You know, I actually felt a little funny yesterday ... felt as if I was over-stepping my bounds

    Ordinarily I would never tell another man what to do with his money ... and you did shell out $150 for those tickets

    Also, I would never tell another man to blow-off a date with his wife ... so I broke two of my cardinal rules

    But like I said yesterday ... I like you {always been one of my favorite posters}, so I couldn't allow you to make such a HUGE MISTAKE without slapping some sense into you

    So I took the chance that you may have been offended, cause friends don't tell friends what they wanna hear ... friends tell friends what they need to hear

    Anyhow, I'm glad you witnessed that CLASSIC GAME 7 ... and I'm glad the Mrs. understood

    You're my main man, MBG ... if that weren't the case, I wouldn't have said a peep

    PS. Taking everything into account {Boston, ALCS, Game 7, Yankee Stadium, extra innings, amazing comeback, walk-off HR, etc. etc.} that was the Greatest Game I have ever seen

    As we suspected yesterday ... that was Ali Vs Frazier


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