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Thread: This Yankee team better wake up

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    This series could easily be over right now but instead its going 6 or 7. We gave them game 1 going 1 for 12 with runners in scoring position. Tonight, 2nd inning basesloaded no outs we get one stinking run, extra innings basesloaded 1 out and we cant get a run.

    I dont like whats going on here. THe Marlins have scored only 9 FRIGGIN RUNS IN 4 GAMES AND THE SERIES IS TIED 2-2. We are keeping them in it.

    Soriano should be benched tomorrow. He is an utter embarrassment at the plate right now.

    We better wake up real soon.

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    You know what the problem is with this team ... in a nutshell?

    BOOM or BUST

    Too many players who are BOOM or BUST

    HOT and COLD

    Too many players who run HOT and COLD

    Not enough players who are CONSISTANTLY GOOD

    Oh yeah, and unlike the Yankee teams we have grown accustomed too, this team lacks that killer instinct ... the killer instinct that has defined this dynasty since Joe Torre came on board

    When those teams had you down ... GAME ~ SET ~ MATCH

    When this team has you down ... beats your best pitcher and has you ripe for the kill ... they follow that up by losing to your lesser man {the very next day} ... they allow you to get off the mat and make it a series

    So far that hasn't been their undoing ... let's hope they can dodge just one more bullet

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    After the YANKEES tied the game the marlins were on the ropes.

    Too bad Sierra didn't get just a little more lift under that ball.

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    It's been this way since the start of last year. The talent on this team should not struggle with the Devil Rays or Orioles or Rangers or Indians. But they do. They don't have what O'Neill, Martinez and Brosios brought to the table, along with Giradi and Cone. That killer instinct.

    Still, they should get past the Marlins, who have way less hitting than the Yankees.


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