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Thread: Fundamentals

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    Point one:

    These guys get paid millions and millions of dollars and don't know how to bunt?

    Point number two:

    These guys get paid millions and millions of dollars and are not running out every play?


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    It happens on every team, all year long. Busting it out of the batter's box is something that these spoiled millionaires don't do. Jeter is better than most, but he failed to do so on that first DP yesterday. He probably thought he hit a soft liner that Castilla caught. When he saw it hit the ground, he started motoring, but was out at first by a mile, and was made to look bad.

    Bunting. That's a lost art. No one who bunts is a well paid player, so they don't work on it during the spring. Ergo, when a bunt is needed, almost no one can.

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    I agree Jeter is better than that. But every little league-er from day 1 is taught to RUN IT OUT.

    Football too. PLAY UNTIL YOU HERE A WHISTLE. Jets almost lost the game last week on that kick return because a couple of players thought the play was over.


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