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Thread: Once a Yankee.......

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    Joe Girardi on ESPN predicts the Yanks will win!!

    We can do this.....just another chapter to the Yankee tradition!! B)

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    I'm mad b/c of the way we have handed the last 2 games to FLA but I feel great knowing that Pettitte and Mussina are going in games 6 & 7, that is if Mike pitches the way he has his last 2 times out.

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    No way yanks lose the World Series to Florida. Come on, Florida!? yanks will take 2 in NY and be champs.

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    I'm confident that the Yankees will prevail. However, give Fla. credit. They sure are pesky, and accomplished what they needed to at home, that is, win 2 out of 3.


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