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    What are you Yankee fans thinkin about your chances now? This is not smack, I seriously am wondering if you are still positive about the series, and who do you want to face in game 6. I have not heard who it will be yet.

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    Im thinking about going 1 for 12 with runners in scoring position in game 1.

    Im thinking about basesloaded no outs and getting only 1 run in game 4. Im thinking about basesloaded 1 out in extra innings and getting no runs which would have ended the series.

    Im thinking of Brad Friggin penny ripping a two rbi single, Im thinking of Enrique wilson throwing a ball away allowing two more runs to score....

    Im thinking about an offense that cant score runs until the 9th inning.

    I dont care who starts for the Marlins because it doesnt matter. This bull**** offense wont score many runs anyway so we're going to need great pitching, bottomline.

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    I'm thinking about Joe Torre allowing Jeff Weaver to throw a meaningful pitch in the WS

    I'm thinking about Jeff Weaver serving up a walk-off HR in the WS ... and wondering how that is even possible, cause this cat should not even have been on the post season roster, much less serving up a Gopher-Ball in the bottom of the 12th

    I'm thinking about all JM57 mentioned ... every last point

    And lastly, I am thinking ... YANKEES IN 7 ... I really am

    But only if Joe Torre comes to his senses and inserts Ruben Sierra in RF

    Mark my words, if Sierra gets a start in Games 6 & 7, that man will do some serious damage

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    I think Joe wil put Ruben in RF, I think the only reason he didn't in FLA was b/c of the spacious outfield but back at Yankee Stadium he will be in the lineup.

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    With this anemic offense, Sierra will be in RF. There are too many guys-Boone, Giambi, Soriano-who are right now automatic outs(even with some of the hits these guys have gotten). Sierra isn't the player he once was, but he can scare the Marlins.

    The Yanks have been within 1 big hit of winning any of the games they lost. Urbina still sucks. We still have a rested Mariano Rivera and Pettitte and Mussina on full rest. YANKS IN 7 is still very plausible.

    As to Beckett in game 6, Yogi Berra arguably lost the 1973 World Series by moving Tom Seaver up from his scheduled start in game 7-and promptly dropped both games in Oakland. C'mon, Jack. Show some gonads- repeat history and LOSE.

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    I think Sierra is being used just like he should....a pinch hitter!!

    No way...NO WAY does he get around on a Beckett fastball!!

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    I think we want to come home and win it in game 7......IN OUR HAUS!!!!!

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    The Marlins best shot to win this will be tommorow night.

    If it goes to game 7 the Fish are dead.

    The Yankees, minus a few exceptions (Jeter, Bernie and Matsui) are hitting again like it was May and not October and the fielding has been horrible the last 2 games.

    Fish have did a good job taking advantage of Yankees miscues. Wilson's error allowing two runs to score last night. Boone striking out with the bases loaded in game 4, Bernie swinging at the first pitch with the bases loaded against a tiring Penny.

    Series though is far from over. Heading back to the Bronx

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    Yankees in seven....

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    The pitching matchups favor the YANKEES.

    The YANKEES will prevail.

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    Beckett scares the living sheet out of me!!!

    Anyone remember Jarad Wright?

    Know what I mean!!

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    To me it comes down to game 6. If the Marlins roll the dice and pitch Beckett on short rest, the Yanks must take advantage.

    Sierria in RF,
    Giambi back at DH,
    Soriano in the lineup, batting #9.
    Jeter leading off, Johnson #2, followed by Giambi, Bernie, Matsui, Posada, Boone, Sierria, Soriano (separate as many lefties and righties as possible),
    Petitte pitching solid, again.

    If the above happens, I like our chances of Musinna over Pavano in a game 7, at home. I only hope the Jet post game is over before the 1st pitch.

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    Originally posted by mbn007@Oct 24 2003, 12:23 PM
    To me it comes down to game 6. If the Marlins roll the dice and pitch Beckett on short rest, the Yanks must take advantage.

    Sounds good on paper...but Beckett is throwing 97 mph gas on 3 days rest! I am definately impressed by this kid. He seems to be intimidated by nothing.


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