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Thread: If there are any Marlins fans here...

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    Congratulations! Your team played great and battled all the way.

    I sure can't say the same for my Yankees. So, my hat's off to the World Champion Florida Marlins.

    Jealous Mets and Sux fans, whose team didn't get this far, but think they have some room to gloat, can go screw yourselves.

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    I can almost hear your teeth gnashing as you type, Bob.

    Well done Marlins. Beckett had balls of steel tonight.

    I'm not gloating, I don't need to. I know you are all seething right now. Next year.

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    They earned it, they got clutch hit after clutch hit(many w/ 2 out) while we failed time after time w/ RISP(many w/ 0 or 1 out). Congrats Marlins!

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    Beckett has balls of steel.

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    I'm a Phillies fan, and I watched those guys squeak in front of my team to grab the NL wildcard. When the field narrowed down to them, 2 of the teams I hate the most in baseball, and the media darling Cubbies, I wanted them to pull through. Amazing effort, right until the very last game and last out.

    I said last week not to write them off as an easy task after you guys beat the Sox in an emotionally wrenching series. Sometimes I wish it had been my team that had stayed in the WC spot, but I gotta say I can't think of any current Phils pitcher who could have walked into a game 6 at Yankee stadium and gone the distance in a shutout. Maybe Padilla or Wolf in another 2 years...

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    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
    Josh Beckett is unreal.
    Game 5 vs. Chicago- 2 hit CG Shut out
    Game 7 v. CHicago- comes in with a 1 run lead on 2 days rest, pitches 4 innings, 1 run
    Game 3 vs. the Yanks- 7 innings, 1 run when he leaves, gets loss when bullpen lets his runners score
    TONITE- 5 hit shutout !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!

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    Congratulations. Beckett pitched a 5-hit complete game shutout to clinch at Yankee Stadium. Unreal. He never tired or even let a guy past 2nd. As good a clutch pitching performance as I've ever seen.

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    Congrats to jetfan13. Al & Judy are Marlins fans. That pitcher is unreal.


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