From Steve Kallas of MSG-

"The 2003 Yankees donít miss the ghosts of Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio and Mantle. They miss the ghosts of Tino Martinez, Paul OíNeill, Scott Brosius and the Jeff Nelson-Mike Stanton duo. Those ghosts have yet to be replaced."

Exactly. You don't have to hit 40 homers to win in the postseason gainst superior pitching. You have to work the count, move runners along, cut down on your swing to make contact and play solid defense. The Yanks did none of that. Antectdotally, Jim Leyritz observed that it looks like 70% of the Yanks at-bats last night had guys swinging at the first pitch when to win the game they had to get Beckett out of there. And this was typical of the whole season-Soriano and Giambi swinging from the heels no matter what the situation. After Posada in the 5 spot last night, everyone was either an automatic out or easy to pitch to.

As to David Wells, see ya. Jeff Weaver-put him on the curb. Beyond that, who knows? Giambi may be the 2004 version of Mo Vaughn the way they're talking about his knee. And his contract is not only untradeable, but he has a no trade clause.

The young guys for vets trades since 1998 have been a disaster-Lowell for Ed Yarnall? Lilly(a servicable lefty in Yankee Stadium )for Weaver? Boone for Claussen?

Signing all sorts of msimatched parts doesn't make any sense unless they want a repeat and to overpay for the pleasure. We're gonna see...