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Thread: Yankee Subway Series curse?

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    Since the Yanks beat the Mets they have been cursed for three years straight..beaten by teams that have at most 1/2 of their payroll......

    Wow..the curse of the 7 train lives...three years and counting..then again the bambino and goat curse are strong too...


    Congrats to the marlins!

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    Once again 3 years in a row 3 teams with half the METS payroll won the WS while they sat on their butts watching at home. I guess this supposed curse has hurt the Mets even more then the Yanks.

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    That's Met fans don't have high expectations just like us JETS fans, we're used to getting our hearts ripped out......BUT, nothing beats watching Yankee fans in misery.............

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    Amen to that Jetgirl, what a wonderful sight it was. Too bad Steinbrenner doesn't have the ba!!$ to sit in the camera's view while his team is losing the series.

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    It is nice to see that the Yankees can acquire any player they want at the end of the season-after trade deadlines because of fiscal constraints of other teams-See Boone, Nelson, Heredia to win and still end up losing.

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    The yanks have no more homegrown talent left, the cupboards are bare...the only traidng chips they have are nick johnson and Al Soriano.....I wonder what crazy stuff will can bet that the yanks will attempt to get all top 5 free agenst...

    but as the Marlions showed have to play like a team not like individuals...

    The curse of the 7 Train lives....



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