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Thread: bye bye zim

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    what a pair this guy had. a bench coach! what an ingrate, he should be the most thankful guy in the world to george steinballs for giving him a free seat and a salary to watch the games but after making a complete fool of himself before a national audience during the boston series he goes whining out the door. imagine saying i won't even come back if they have a day for me, a day for him! he's a bench coach! i think he's ready for the old crocks home soon. maybe they should put a bench in monument park for delighted this mets fan to watch zim go out the way he did, classless a total jerk.

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    F George. He should be glad to have a guy like that around.

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    Please Zim figured this was it for the Torre era and wanted to get off the gravy train on his own.
    Good for him.

    Still what was he thinking going after Pedro?


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