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Thread: Lee Mazillie

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    talking to Baltimore O's....OYA $$$$

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    He interviewed yesterday. However, Eddie Murray has to be the favorite, long time O's first baseman that he was. And, get this.....Grady Little is also being interviewed.

    This means the O's won't touch Manny!!

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    It's a done deal. O's hire Mazzilli.

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    Wonder who replaces him on the staff. Does Torre have any other old friends from the 1960's, such as Bob Gibson who would be considered?

    Anyone else in the Yankee system now?? I understand Neil Allen is the next pitching coach after Stoteymeyer, so if Mel is back, Allen probably stays in the minors.

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    I had heard Joe Girardi might replace him but there hasn't been any articles today that say that. I hope Joe joins the staff, he might be my favorite Yank of all time.

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    Last I heard, Willie Randolph was to move to the bench, taking over the Zimmer/consiglieri role; Mazzilli was going to 3rd and Luis Sojo would be the 1st base coach. There was also rumors then that Bucky Dent would replace either Mazz or Randolph if they left, but that might be a problem, since Torre fired Dent as one of his coaches back in St. Louis. Now Steinbrenner might force his boy Dent (whom he loves now; guess he doesnt remember that failed experiment back in 1990) onto the staff. Should be another interesting winter....

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    I understand that Dent is in play as a possible 3rd base coach. He says he would have no problem working again for Torre. What Torre says, however, could be something else.

    The guy I really want is Jerry Narron, former Yankee catcher, coached for the Rangers, among many others. he is described as someone with a tremendous understanding of the nuances of the game. That's the guy I want.


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