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Thread: If Stottlemeyer doesn't come back then...

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    I think if Mel doesn't return then Pettite will sign with the Astros. He misses home and his best friend is if the one constant (stot) doesnt come back..neither will he. I also think that the 'stros have put themselves in a better position by trading wagner...


    I am a Mets fan but losing Petitte would devastate the Yanks rotation...

    I dont think wells will be back...I think he pitches for SD this year

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    Good to see some baseball stuff. Hot stove is always a great time.

    Anyway, the main issue Petitte has to account for is the Astros reluctance to spend $$ to build their team. Afetr signing Petitte, how much more would they be wiling to spend. Petitte has to weigh the ability to pitch near his home, vs. the fact that he probably won't ever win again if he goes to Houston. WIth the Yanks, he will be on a strong contender every year. The $$ will be the same, or better in NY.

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    I understand you rpoint but if stot leaves and torre leaves then pettite is stuck with a coach he doesnt know for 2005-2007 which is probably the last year of any new contract....

    i think that is stottlemeyer leaves....petitte is not coming back...hell, he may agree to a one year deal...pursuant to torre and stottlemeyer's last stand...


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    I disagree about Petitte settling for a 1 year deal. He's 31, coming off a 21 win season, then 3 more in the playoffs, and pitched very well in the Series, even the 1 game he lost (2-0 to Beckett). This is his 1 big chance to grab a 5 year, deal, averaging some 12-14 million a year. He does not settle for the 1 year deal, and rik a year where he either gets hurt, or doesn't pitch as well.

    The Torre and Stot issue plays in as well, but I think that Petitte gets along with Randolph real well, and I recall in 1995, Mattingly took the 2 rookie pitchers under his wing during the season. They were Petitte and Rivera. So since Willie or Don will be the next Mgr. after Torre, I think Andy is OK with this.

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    If Stot is gone...Pettite will surely not come back...

    Clemens was his best friend...and stot was his confidant....

    there is no way petotte comes back if stot is gone....

    steinbrenner is such a prick that stot may tell him..Adios!


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    We shall see.

    When Steinbrenner starts offering the big $$$$, Andy may have no choice other than to grab it. Not many people are able to turn down the "lottery", if you get my drift.


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