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Thread: Rookie and Cy

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    Rookie - Not to minimize what Matsui accomplished, the award went to the right person. Matsui was clutch but he also played in the Japan League for a decade. When the MLB All-Stars go over for their winter trip, it is not like we smoke them. I believe the MLB All-Stars have lost a series. Sasaki four years ago, Ichiro three years ago and now Matsui should tell MLB there is not that much of a difference between MLB and Japan. With the Globilization, they should just create a Ichiro Award for best new player and award to a player that joins MLB from another pro-league.

    CY - I was going to complain about Halladays selection until I came to the realization that the area where Halladay blew Pedro away was CGs. Maybe if Pedro went the distance or could, he would not have had the bullpen blow so many of his wins. Props to Halladay.

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    Call me a old fashioned traditionalist-but I think those two sportswriters made the right call-congrats to Mitsui for a great season in a new league.
    Rookie of the year should go to someone who has come up thru farm system and not from another pro league.
    By the way globalization of baseball hits home-we will not be represented in next year Olympics-knocked out by Mexico!

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    According to you, Faba.

    The first Rookie of the Year in the NL was Jackie Robinson. He also played 10 years in the Negro Leagues, which I believe is on a higher level then anything in Japan. So, you want the award not to be given....

    Boy, Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton would have a field day with you.

    The fact of the matter is........ The rule defining a rookie is what it is. You can't decide that you don't like it. Even Mike Greenberg of Mike & Mike in the Morning agrees. You may not believe that Matsui was the best rookie, but you can't not vote for him because you believe the definition of "Rookie" is incorrect.

    For that matter, Fred Lynn should not have been ROY in 1975. He played a full month the year earlier, and hit something like .400. So he obviously had some advantage over other guys who didn't come up until April 1975. And some guys didn't vote for Lynn for this reason.

    Where do you draw the line? The only thing you can do is follow the rule as it is written. Don't intrepert things "the spirt of the rule", like that crazy writer from Minn. did. The rule is a written, hard, fast rule. No spirits need apply.

    I'm a Yankee fan, big time, but I do disagree with Steinbrenner many times. This time I'm 1,000% behind him. He's just plain right. These writers are dead wrong here.


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