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Thread: A-Rod Trade Talk

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    Let's hear some opinions. Who thinks A-Rod will be traded, and why. Which team will take on that contract, which has 7 years to go, at around $180 Million? Who can offer enough players to the Rangers so they get something back to replace A-Rod on the field?

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    No one can offer enough players to match the worth of A-Rod. Even the Yanks and their deep farm system would cut off their own nuts by making that trade.

    Texas should make a trade for instance with the Sox in a multi-team trade.

    Manny goes to Texas with a prospect.
    A-Rod comes to Sox.
    Nomar goes to Anaheim.
    Anaheim sends prospects to both Boston and Texas as part of the Nomar deal.

    Texas cuts off 70-80 million off what they owe and pick up some prospects to boot. Texas will have an extra 5 million to play with every year and in a year or two could possibly move Manny and at the very worst has the big contract off their hands 2 years ewarlier.

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    Your proposal makes sence, and the only way a team taking A-Rod on could do it is by moving a large "bad" contract, such as Ramirez from the Sox, or Giambi from the Yanks, Piazza from the Mets, etc.

    The only problem with your scenario, is does Boston want to surrender both their top hitters for 1 guy in return? Manny and Nomar combined overshadow A-Rod by a mile. It's one of those questions that can't readily be answered. It does free up some $$ on the Boston end of the deal, since they are probably wondering how to resign Nomar now, and how much will it cost. Manny is already at 20 million, and Nomar figures to get 10 million. I don't think he gets more than that, in this market. There aren't to many teams out there that can pay that much for a shortstop. Look at the big market teams now:

    Yanks - they have Jeter,
    Mets - they are comitted to Reyes,
    Boston - there's one, assuming no A-Rod, but this would limit them when dealing with Ortiz, Nixon, Lowe and Veritek within the next 12 months,
    Dodgers - players for Matsui from Japan,
    Orioles - Need too much to commit 10-12 million for a shortstop,
    Phils - Can't afford another whopper contract,
    Cubs - They are at their limit, with Wood a free agent next season, and Prior eligible for arbit.
    White Sox - cheap salary level, looking to move M. Ordonez now.

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    While total numbers might take a hit, A-Rod's annual 50 HRs, is more power then either Nomar or Manny has put up on a consistent basis. He hits for a high averageis and is also good for 162 games. Plus, the bottomline, I think Nomar wants jeter's money (17 mil a season) he made 10.5 last year and trading 37 million for 25 will allow the Sox FO to get more Millar's and maybe a decent arm or two with the 12 million they have.

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    If Nomar wants Jeter money, good luck. I can't see who is goingto give it to him. Tejada is a FA this season. Let's see who offers him the big bucks, and how much. He is probably a good litmus test for what Nomar can expect.

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    Why is Texas going to give up the best player in baseball for broken down overpaid problem children like Ramirez and Piazza? That doesn't help much. Strange, but if the Sawx can somehow work Garciaparra to the Dodgers or Angels in a 3-way deal, that might work. Both teams with new owners are looking to impress. If one could give the Rangers cheap young pitching and players make it work.

    The Mets,as always, are putting on a show to look good, nothing more. The Wilpons are cheap, and as long as they own the team, the Mets will suck. They make as much money as anyone except the Yankees, and strut around like they're running the Brewers. And John Franco-what a total joke!If the Mets really wanted A-rod, the bid starts with Kazmir and Reyes. Piazza is a joke-a constantly-injured lousy defensive catcher who's numbers as a DH are really not as good as say, David Ortiz. Why would any sane AL team pick up this joke?

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    Bugg it is simple. Texas can pay A-Rod 180+ million over the next 7 years or pay Manny 100 million over the next 5 years. As much as a problem he is, Manny can ball there is no doubt about it and as apathetic Texas is to everything outside of football, Dallas might be a nicce place for Man-Ram. Like I said above, a big market team might be willing to take Manny in a year or two when the pay-out is 60 or 80 million.

    If Bah-ston put Manny on waivers and their arch-nenemsis Yankees balked at hurting their enemy at that price - no one is going to assume A-Rod's contract without some concessions from the Rangers. The Rangers will not get a fair exchange for A-Rod.

    In my original scenario, the Sox unload Manny and Nomar for A-Rod and a prospect or two from Anaheim. Texas unloads 70-80 million and two years in conract for several prospects from Anaheim and Boston and ANaheim gets a native son back to make people forget this past year.

    The Sox get a prospect, replace Nomar in the field (actually better) and Manny's bat while saving about 12 million a year for Lowe, Nixon, Ortiz and varitek. The Rangers save about 5 million a year in space and get out fromunder the contract two years earlier, get several prospects to rebuild the team with. The Angels get ther second best SS in baseball.

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    The thing that i don't see is anyone taking Manny off your hands. He's a dumbass and a cancer. By comparsion, even at his salary, A-Rod is still liveable to a big market team.

    Garciaparra is still a very marketable commodity and figures to want to sign with either the Dodgers or Angels. If the Sawx can swing something like that, fine. But even if the Rangers pick up a peice of A-Rod's salary, no way they take on Ramirez. He's toxic.

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    I agree most teams would probably not want Manny, but Texas is in a unique situation.

    Texas has very few possibilities for A-Rod. NYs, Boston, LA and Chicagos. While everyone of these teams can afford him, few would want his salary. Even at 150 million, he takes up 15% of the Yanks Salary structure.

    This is why I think Texas is going to have to bend over a little bit if they truly want to get rid of A-Rod. Either they are going to have to assume some alot of his salary or they are going to taken on a lesser heavy salary. A headcase in Manny, Giambi's knees, etc.

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    From MSG-
    Joel Sherman
    What is the common thread with A-Rod, Piazza and Manny?

    Nov 18, 2003

    I don’t remember the gun. I remember the smiles. I remember the backslaps. I remember the pledges of doing great things together. But I don’t remember the gun at Alex Rodriguez’s head when he signed that record 10-year, $252 million contract in December 2000.

    Poor A-Rod, just $68 million into his contract and he is feeling so unloved that he wants out of Texas. I’m a sensitive sort, so I won’t to share with you fine folks my initial reaction to this news – the heck with you Alex Rodriguez.

    And while we’re on the subject, the heck with you Manny Ramirez and perhaps you too Mike Piazza, that is if you ever come out of hiding Mike and actually tell us if you want to stay a Met or not.

    Piazza signed a seven-year contract with the Mets, Ramirez an eight-year deal with the Red Sox and A-Rod – poor, poor A-Rod – a 10-year deal with the Rangers. Did these fools think it would just be champagne and victory parades during the lives of their pacts?

    They exchanged vows and it turns out they were only through richness and also they are not, in these players’ minds, until death do them part. Because with these guys when the going got tough, they wanted to get going.

    Piazza, passive-aggressive on the first base issue for years, now has let his agent and his parents reflect his thoughts on whether he wants to stay a Met or not. Piazza is very bright. He knows how these things work, though he loves to play dumb and act like a victim all the time. If he really wants to be a Met, he just has to come out, come out wherever he is now and say, “I want to be a Met, case closed. I am willing to work my hardest to play first base to extend my value to an organization that has committed $91 million to me. I have a no-trade clause and, thus, there will be no trade.”

    Piazza has not said that. Instead, he, yes, is doing that passive-aggressive thing again. Which essentially comes down to this – I’ll stay, but if it is good for you and you can put me into one of these places (think Southern California, Baltimore, Boston or perhaps even The Bronx) than I will go.

    Ramirez and A-Rod are even more despicable, so openly insubordinate are they toward their clubs. It is only fitting. They are linked in a way. Ramirez’s agent, Jeff Moorad, and Rodriguez’s agent, Scott Boras, are mortal enemies, always in the game of playing top this. After the 2000 season, they had their prime clients up for free agency and rather than find the happy marriage of money and place, they just went for the money.

    The downsizing Indians actually were willing to offer a seven-year, contract at nearly $20 million annually to try and keep Ramirez. And Ramirez, an infant in just about every way except in his incredible ability to hit a baseball, would have been best served staying in a relatively small town and in a place where the organization knew his predilections and problems. Instead, he went to the most savage media town when it comes to baseball in this nation, Boston, because of the last penny – in this case eight years at $160 million.

    In three years as a Red Sox, Ramirez has hit .325 with a .426 on-base percentage and a .611 slugging percentage. He very possibly has been the best hitter in the majors. But he also has been indifferent to baserunning, defense and caring what the final score of the game is. He has been criticized heavily for this. And Ramirez is unhappy as a Red Sox. Well, duh. Who didn’t see that coming from the moment he signed the contract?

    Still, he did sign the contract. Now both Ramirez and Moorad have said publicly that he would like to be traded to the Yankees. Very nice. Your employer pays you top dollar and you honor that by saying you would like to be traded to the employer’s mortal enemy. Too bad Ramirez does not have the ability to be embarrassed. After all, he was placed on irrevocable waivers recently and no one picked him up. In other words, any team could have had him for nothing and did not think taking him and his contract was worth it.

    A-Rod is a lot brighter than Ramirez, but still did the dumb, money-grubbing thing when he got the chance. He decided that doubling Kevin Garnett’s then record $126 million contract for a North American team athlete was more important than going to a place that cared about baseball and had a chance to win regularly.

    He could have stayed in Seattle, signed in Atlanta or made himself affordable enough that the Mets could not say no. Instead, he took the money and ran to a team that had a starting rotation headed by Rick Helling, Kenny Rogers, Darren Oliver and Ryan Glynn. And it probably is worse today.

    A-Rod said then that he had scrutinized the farm system of the Rangers and knew better days were coming. And with building blocks such as Hank Blalock and Mark Teixeira now thriving in Texas, perhaps, those goods days are coming. But A-Rod actually doesn’t want to wait for them.

    He knows now what he should have known then. That football is king in Dallas, and not just on Sunday with the Cowboys, but on Saturday with colleges and Friday nights with high schools. The NHL Stars are ahead of the Rangers and so are Mark Cuban’s Mavericks.

    And now he doesn’t like his manager Buck Showalter. To know both guys’ personalities is to see that one coming, as well. He dissed Showalter on a teleconference following his MVP award victory by refusing even to use his manager’s name and saying “no comment” about their relationship, which went along way to say they have no relationship. He said he wanted to “keep the focus” on his award, and then made it clear in several answers that he badly wants out of Texas.

    Maybe he will get what he wants. He is so greatly talented that the Mets should be pursuing him with all of his baggage. Maybe the Mets can trade Piazza to Boston, Boston could trade Ramirez to Texas and Texas could trade A-Rod to the Mets. Then all three of them could be happy. For a week or two before they start moaning about something again.

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    Just goes to show - $ isn't everything. These guys won't learn, will they?

    When the Yanks signed Danny Tartabull a week after the Mets signed Bobby Bonilla, back around 1990, a writer asked him if he was upset sice Bobby Bo got $6 million a year, while he only got $5 million per. His answer was a classic. "$5 million, $6 million, what's the difference? The goal is to be where I'm happy. The extra million or so isn't going to change my lifestyle. I can live very well on what I'm getting."

    If only players today would listen up. Tartabull did not work out with the Yanks, as his strikeouts were to high, and his batting average to low. But he never sulked, and George didn't run him out of town like an Ed Whitson, or make his life misrable, like he did to a Dave Winfield. He was happy, and tried. Players these days just grab the $$ and run. No thoughts to what really counts.

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    There is no way a rod goes to mets unless they unload piazza....


    I lov eth emets but they are gonna go cheap for a few years

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    It sounds like Sheffield is going to sign with The Yankees.
    This is a guy the Mets could have had for Benitez a couple of years ago-we blew it then and now.
    Always liked Sheffield-his production has been consistent good clutch hitter. Yankees getting good solution for their rightfielder position

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    Originally posted by faba@Nov 21 2003, 09:36 AM
    It sounds like Sheffield is going to sign with The Yankees.
    This is a guy the Mets could have had for Benitez a couple of years ago-we blew it then and now.
    Always liked Sheffield-his production has been consistent good clutch hitter. Yankees getting good solution for their rightfielder position
    For a guy aged 35, he seems to be in fine shape. I understand he works out all off-season in the Tampa area. Seems like he is a decent investment for 3-4 years.

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    Sheffield has that Tampa connection to Steinbrenner also-Dwight Gooden his relative-it sems to be a perfect situation for both him and Yankees. He has put up consistent stats thru his career-pretty rare in this sports environment.

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    Sheff. also has a very good on base percentage. He's a rare combination of power, average and patience. He would be a very solid addition.

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    Looks like the ball is in the Sox and Yanks court. Funny thing is the Sox and Yanks have the next tier of SSs. I wonder if either the Sox or Yanls do something stupid to cock block the other.

    Sunday, November 23, 2003 news services
    Alex Rodriguez told media in the Dominican Republic on Friday that he's informed the Rangers of two teams to which he would accept a trade.

    And, not that the rivalry needs more coals thrown on it, the Red Sox and Yankees are Rodriguez's preferences, The Dallas Morning News, citing a major league source, reported Sunday.

    Even so, the likelihood of Boston or the Yankees finding maneuverability to acquire the shortstop's salary -- he has seven years left on a 10-year, $252 million contract -- is very slim, given their offseason priorities.

    The Red Sox have Nomar Garciaparra at short and are weighed down by Manny Ramirez's $20 million-per-year salary. Boston had looked into the possibility of acquiring Rodriguez earlier this offseason until Ramirez went unclaimed on waivers.

    The Yankees need a right fielder and starting pitching and have captain Derek Jeter, an All-Star, at shortstop.

    General manager John Hart did not comment when reached by The Morning News. Rodriguez and agent Scott Boras also were not available for comment, according to the newspaper.

    Hart has said a few inquiries about Rodriguez got no further that "kicking the tires," the newspaper reported.

    Hart did not immediately return a telephone call to The Associated Press Sunday night.

    Boras said last week that he had heard nothing about talks moving past the preliminary stages, The Morning News reported.

    The newspaper said that numerous baseball officials have confirmed the Rangers' claims that there are no serious talks for Rodriguez because of his contract.

    Rodriguez said at a news conference Friday that Rangers owner Tom Hicks told him there are three possible scenarios to Rodriguez's future with the team:

    1. The Rangers stick with his contract.

    2. Rodriguez could accept a contract restructuring to free more money to attract other good players.

    3. The Rangers might shop their top player around.

    The Rangers won't eat any of Rodriguez's salary, according to The Morning News.

    "It's that extra $5 million a year that makes it [untradeable]," one GM told the newspaper. "At the time they signed him, $20 million wouldn't have been that bad, but there's nobody else over $20 million."

    Rodriguez does not have the option to sacrifice money himself -- the Major League Baseball Players' Association does not allow players to restructure their contracts to reduce the value.

    This season Rodriguez hit .298, tied for the major league lead with 47 homers, and led the AL in runs (124) and slugging percentage (.600). He had 118 RBIs.

    Regarded by many as the league's best all-around player, Rodriguez became the first American League player to win the MVP while playing for a last-place team.

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    You would think that there are some methods that could be employed to get his contract down in value, especially if the player himself is willing. But, based upon the littl eI've read about this issue, it appears that this can't happen.

    Too bad. He made his bed, and might be stuck in it.

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    The only wat Alex is going to Boston is if they free up salary-see Ramirez contract. Yankees with Jeter is not a realistic option. It seems if these are the only two teams it does not work-the most likely scenerio is multiple team deal that was rumored before with Boston. If Texas seems to want to get out of the financial obligation no matter what and it seems they do then they will have to eat some of his contract

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    I agree faba. The only way something happens is if either then Yanls or Sox do something stupid and take on the salary or if Texas lowers its demands (whatever they maybe).

    Hart can play hardball all he wants, but it not the Sox or Yanks with 170 million committed to A-Rod and he should not expect them to take him off thair hands without concessions.

    A team that has not been mentioned, but has ample cash is Seattle. They have the 2nd highest gross revenue and are usually in the 80 million range.


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