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Thread: In light of the terror attacks recently

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    Anyway, I'm asking myself why has AQ ( I assume today's hits were their handiwork) has focused on Istanbul, Turkey?

    I'm guessing that along with hitting western sites there that AQ is also seeking to terrorize the muslim population in Turkey. Thus further destabilizing US interests there.

    What concerns me is that the recent terrorist attacks in Turkey may be heralding a new and more agressive campaign of terror against Eastern Europe.

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    Ok are my thoughts and I will break them down into bullet points...

    1) Why can't we leave Israel alone? Why do we protect them? Is it because of our Christian ties to the holy land or is it the pro israeli lobbists?

    2) If we did leave the middle east...what would happen? Egypt, Jordan and Israel would fall? who knows?

    3) Would the terrorism stop if we pulled out or would the terrorists just build "home bases" in the new islamic fundamentalist countries and start attacks on the US?

    I think they would still aim at destroying us...


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    [quote][i]Originally posted by bitonti[/i]@Nov 20 2003, 02:08 PM
    as far as the rest of the post yeah i realize its radical islam, but im saying what are the conditions that allowed the radical islam to take root? Its like saying we have roaches in the house, we have to kill the roaches, but no ones thinking about sealing up the holes or taking out the trash that they live on. No one wants to consider the root of the problems, just try to erradicate the symtoms.

    bit is right. I know of a guy in the Bronx who had a roach problem -- a really bad one. After years of trying to exterminate them to no avail, one day he decided that he was going to seal off every possible entry point he could find, and keep absolutely no food in his house. He realized that the roaches weren't the problem; his existence and lifestyle were the problems.

    Well, within two weeks, the roaches' circle of elders got together, and decided that -- because my buddy had taken away their motivation -- they were going to spend the rest of their days collecting discarded cans and bottles for needy children. Some of them actually help old ladies cross the Grand Concourse during rush hour! The bottom line is, once my hard-working, tax-paying, church-going buddy realized that HE was the problem, and not the filthy roaches, all was copacetic.


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