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Thread: Pennington/Moss vs. McNair/Mason

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    Week 12: Jets vs. Jags & Titans vs. Falcons

    Which combo do I start?

    I've got a gut feeling that Pennington will put up more fantasy points against the Jags (something McNair didn't do last week). But I don't want to take any chances of missing McNair points if I bench Derrick Mason too! So as of now I've got a Pennington/Mason combo starting. How crazy is that?

    I've got Torry Holt at my other WR so I can afford to take a chance on my other WR spot. I am going up against Isaac Bruce so Holt HAS to have a better game than Bruce.

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    Follow your gut. I really think the Jets are gonna blow the Jags out this Sunday and Pennington loves throwing to Moss. Tennessee on the road to Atlanta should be easy, but I have a funny feeling about that one. Go with the jets combo.

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    Welp, the McNair/Moss lineup would have been better...would have gotten me the win too. Oh well, 7-3 ain't too bad of a record for me. It's not all to blame on my QB/WR combo, neither of my RBs scored a TD and Tony Gonzalez only had 36 reception yards (Jason Dunn stole that TD, hehe).

    I propose the same Q to ya for this weekend, since the Jets and Titans go head-to-head!

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    What a great Monday Night Game! I called it right fantasy-wise, Pennington tossed two TDs and Mason caught one so I came back to win in my league tonight. Feels great, upped my record to 8-5.

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    I played pennington & mason last night too. Paid off and my team just finished our regular season with a 10-3 record. Good for 2nd place and #1 in total points scored......



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