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Thread: Democrats and Greens

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    [url=]Senate gives up on 2003 energy bill[/url]

    When you read this story, keep in mind how the MTBE additive was forced down our throats by the democrats and environmentalist whackos to clean our air.

    [i]Section 211(k) of the [b]Clean Air Act[/b], as amended in 1990, directs EPA to issue regulations that require gasoline to be "reformulated" in order to burn cleaner (i.e. to reduce emissions of ozone-forming (smog) and toxic air pollutants). [/i] I believe there was a democratic majority in Congress in 1990.

    Turns out MTBE may be polluting the water supply and unless the trial lawyers are given carte blance to sue, the democrats are preventing passage of the bill.

    A bill that will create 800,000 [b]jobs [/b]and [b]lessen dependance[/b] on foreign ([b]ME[/b]) oil by boosting production of coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear power, [b]renewable energy[/b] and upgrade the nations power infrastructure.

    The same ancient infrastructure that caused this summers blackouts -- the same blackouts that democrats tried to pin on this administration -- the same politicians who are now holding up legislation to fix the problem.

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    The same whiners who won't let us drill offshore or in Alaska will be up in arms when the price of gas for their SUV goes through the roof when all these mandated enviro-friendly additives (that practically do very little) kick in over the next few months.


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