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Thread: Poor Yankees

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    CF Kenny Lofton
    SS Derek Jeter
    1B Jason Giambi
    RF Gary Sheffield
    DH Bernie Williams
    2B Alfonso Soriano
    LF Hedeki Matsui
    C Jorge Posada
    3B Aaron Boone

    PH Ruben Sierra

    SP Kevin Brown
    SP Mike Mussina
    SP Javier Vazquez
    SP Jose Contreras
    SP Lieber/Wells

    RP Mariano Rivera
    RP Tom Gordon
    RP Steve Karsay
    RP Paul Quantrill
    RP Gabe White
    RP Felix Heredia

    And the Yankee hating media would have you believe the Yankees are finished

    Yep, the media is in full "Bash Sreinbrenner" mode ... even at the exclusion of the truth

    But hey, when you have an agenda and a villian to kill, why let the facts get in the way?

    For the facts ... SEE ABOVE ROSTER

    Let me say it loud and let me say it proud ... THIS YANKEE TEAM HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE "EVEN BETTER" THAN THE 2003 YANKEES ... PERHAPS MUCH BETTER!!

    Rumors of the Yankee demise are Greatly exagerated ... MARK IT DOWN

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    The media is in full "hate Steinbrenner" mode, and now Torre and Cashman are being cast as the martyrs. Give me a break. Let's take Pettitte at his word. He accomplished all he wanted here, and now he's going home. Godpseed. I imagine Steinbreener isn't an eays guy to work for. But the media ios now more out of control than he has ever been.

    In 1995, Joe Torre was a broke bum with 2 ex-wives and God knows how much in alimony and child support payments every month. And now he's got houses in Westechester and Hawaii he in 1995 could only have dreamt about, a $ 6 million contract to manage a team that will be in the postseason every year, a New York press that after calling him "Clueless Joe" now thinks he's just short of Christ or an apostle at least, a Hall of Fame plaque and an fat ESPN check awaiting when he retires, a bunch of chuckleheaded Tony Robbins' fans filling ballrooms looking to pay him to hear him talk about how tough it is to manage the Yankees and a king's ransom in endorsements. Torre could show up drunker than Billy Martin from April to September, and it would have almost zero bearing on where the Yanks finish. If Joe Torre's life is so difficult because his boss yells at him, please, give me such misery. Enough BS-if it's so bad, go manage the Royals and see how much revenue and fame that generates. Meantime, who gives a flying eff about the tough life of Joe Torre.

    And as to Cashman, Gene Michael has been the de facto GM here since the late 1980s. The Yanks front office is a committtee, not just Cashman. Cashman is a swell guy, but the only reason he ever got a job in baseball at such a young age is because Steinbrenner knew his family for thoroughbred racing circles. And if this is so awful, if the Yanks have been so bad, then, Brian, by all means, go be THE MAN, the big-time GM for some crappy team out beyond the Hudson. Here, he's the well-paid outfront figurehead of a committee, not the be all and the end all. And for all the aw shucks demeanor, know he's stepped on his share of bodies top get in that spot.

    I'm not saying that both Torre and Cashman are lousy at their jobs. Far from it. But if you're going to work for the Yankees, there isn't any surprise that along with the high reward and prestige that comes form these jobs, the Boss expects a bit more than say the owner of the Devil Rays.

    The media cauterwauling is out of hand. Enough. Good luck to Pettitte and Clemens too. But the Yanks rotation is better today than it was at the end of the season.

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    George is in full "Checkbook" mode, and slowly but surely this team will be the 1980's Yankees once again, with the not-good-enough team headed by Dave Winfield and Ricky Henderson replaced by Gary Sheffield and Vladimir Guerrero. The Yankees in the early '90s had their greatest success when Gene Michael ignored Steinbrenner's demands to, for example, trade Derek Jeter before he had even played a game. If not for Michael, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, and Bernie Williams would likely have been helping other franchises to pennants, and Andy Pettite would have been traded 4 years before now.

    Spring 1985 -- "Yogi is my manager, no matter what".
    Yankee fans know what that means.

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    Seriously, what is the average age of this team? I count about 13 pushing or past 30. I hope Geritol or Levitra sponsors the team.

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    Vasquez and Brown are YOUNGER than Pettitte and Clemens.

    And while Steinbrenner is undoubtedly going a little nuts, better this than the fiasco/excuse for ownership the Mets have.

    And above all , the Yanks rotation is not chock fulll of Scott Sanderson, Scott Kaminiecki and Andy Hawkins. Mussina, Vasquez and Brown as a top 3 is as good as anyone. And I'd put the Yanks' pen against anyone. So relax a bit.

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    Originally posted by PFSIKH@Dec 14 2003, 06:51 PM
    Seriously, what is the average age of this team? I count about 13 pushing or past 30. I hope Geritol or Levitra sponsors the team.
    The Yankees added a 27 year old starter. Boston added Schilling, he is pretty young. He has been a rock as well. Not like he has had any major injuries.

    The Yankees basically swapped Kevin Brown for Roger Clemens and Andy Petite for Vasquez. They got younger in the starting rotation. Boston meanwhile gave up any young talent that they had in order to get Curt. If he doesn't stay healthy, the Blue Jays will take 2nd and win the wildcard.

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    Originally posted by Bugg@Dec 14 2003, 07:06 PM
    Vasquez and Brown are YOUNGER than Pettitte and Clemens.
    Bugg, RSN is not interested in the facts ... they're only interested in crowning themselves champions of the off-season

    Oh yeah, and they have plenty of willing accomplices in the Yankee hating media to assist them in creating this illusion

    But soon we'll have to play the games and the media won't be able to save them

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    Originally posted by Maxman@Dec 14 2003, 08:22 PM
    If he doesn't stay healthy, the Blue Jays will take 2nd and win the wildcard.
    Don't count out the Birds, if they can solidify the starting rotation a bit. They have several young guys who can hit, and getting Tejada was a brilliant move. The man has averaged 30 and 100 the past 4 seasons, and is a solid hitter, and above average fielder.


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