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Thread: Pedro wants to pitch for a NY team.

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    Boston ace says he's always liked pitching in Shea.

    Manny is on the block. Nomar is at war with the ownership (a war he did not start or ask for). Now, Pedro is thinking about life after Boston.

    The ace told the Boston Herald that he wants to finish his career at Fenway, but understands it may not happen. He likes the idea of pitching in New York, but names the Mets as his team. "I've pitched well, really well, in New York all-time, in Shea Stadium," Martinez said, "so I always have that team in mind."

    Martinez has a record of 5-1 with a 1.17 ERA at Shea.

    The Giants also interest Pedro, since his old Montreal skipper Felipe Alou is there. He seems reluctant to consider the Yankees as possibility, but didn't rule it out.

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    He'd be a fool to rule out the Yanks, since that's one spot where he could get big $$$$ next year. He is also a jerk, so he fits Steinbrenner's profile of what a ballplayer should be like (like Sheffield and Lofton, unlike Pettite, who's no longer here since he's a nice guy).

    However, given his arm problems the past few seasons, I can't see Pedro getting big money, or a long term deal, unless he accepts an incentive loaded contract, with a small base.


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