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Thread: Manny/Arod

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    Let me go on record now ... I am rooting for this trade to happen

    I Just placed Arod on my All-Time Team ... he was my Starting SS ... best SS of All-Time ... but I am rooting for this trade to happen

    How does that make any sense?????

    How does it make sense for a Yankee fan, who admits that Arod is "THEE" All-Time SS, to be rooting for an Arod to Boston trade?

    Very simple, cause I have never been one of those guys who places too much emphasis on the need for Chior-Boys in the locker-room in order to win

    I lived through the Bronx Zoo ... Billy, Reggie, and all of the insanity ... so I know there is more than one way to skin a cat ... I know you can win with a few imbeciles, so-long as those imbeciles can PLAY BALL

    Manny is an imbecile ... not doubt about it ... but the man is also one of the most feared/lethal hitters in all of baseball

    Nomar is a good guy ... but also a very dangerous hitter ... one of the most dangerous hitters in the game

    So, here's what it comes down to .....

    Would I rather see the Red Sox with Arod, but NO MANNY and NO NOMAR ... Or would I rather see the Red Sox with Manny & Nomar, but NO AROD?

    I'll take Arod, but NO MANNY & NO NOMAR ... in a NY minute

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    I figured you would want Nomar and Manny seeing they hit like .250 in the ALCS.

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    Originally posted by PFSIKH@Dec 15 2003, 11:47 AM
    I figured you would want Nomar and Manny seeing they hit like .250 in the ALCS.
    PFSIKH, we've had success verses Arod in the post-season as well

    But I have to Judge the move over 162 ... that's always the first order of business

    IMO, a team with Manny & Nomar {two absolutely lethal bats} is more dangerous than a team with Arod and neither of the other two

    Also, these cats may have been controlled during the 2003 ALCS, but that is no assurance they won't get hot if given another crack at it in 2004

    I'll glady take my chances with ONE KILLER as opposed to TWO

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    I don't fear it. These teams will fight tooth and nail all year. When you add in the A-Rod and Jeter angle, all the better.

    But to their credit, I don't expect much of a drop-off from Manny/Nomar and A-Rod/(Fill in the name of a nontendered LF here). The Sawx demostrated last year that they can find that solid (not great) player. And an orange road cone would be a better fielder than Manny. Yes, that unnamed guy might only sniff Mann's production, but he'll be a better fielder, less of a headache and you have the increased production at SS.

    One thing about Nomar that will scare people picking him up-good pitching can get him out. The same goes for Soriano, by the way. It's all fine and good to fatten your stats all season on the Rays and Orioles pitching. But in the playoffs against good pitchers armed with good scouting reports, both of these guys have now raised a red flag.

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    It should be a very fun season. A marathon.

    I'm with the opinion that A-Rod is not as much fear as Manyy and Nomar. Unless the new LF is another David Ortiz.


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