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Thread: In Finals

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    Apr 2003
    HELP!!!!!!!!!& #33;!!!!!
    My two main guys are down.
    I scrammbled and picked up everyone available.

    I need to start two

    1. Portis
    2. DeShaun Foster
    3. Stephen Davis
    4. Domanick Davis
    5. Michael Bennett
    6. Thomas Jones
    7. Onterrio Smith

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    Based on players on my team, I am using Thomas Jones and also Domanick Davis, Stephen Davis is probable !

    I am in the Championship this weekend and those 2 guys are on 1 of my teams and my other team on ESPN has Holmes and Jones !

    Do you think Dan Graham from NE, he is their TE - do you think he will do okay ??

    What is your take on the Bears D going against the Redskins in chicago ? I have KC but also have Moss so the 2 would hurt my points.

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    Apr 2003
    One of the Patriots WR is hurt - The TE should do good.
    I like chicago against the Redskins - Hasselback looked awful last week

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    Probably Davis & Jones, but check the injury status of S.Davis before game time (Portis & bennet are out, correct?) If S. Davis is out Foster isn't bad

    Graham kicked azz last week (the team I played against had him <_<


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