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Thread: Guerrero to Marlins

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    As usual, they do just enough to cosmetically make it look like that were in it to gte him. WHAT BS.


    The World Series champion Marlins have made a one-year offer for more than $10 million, and Guerrero's first choice is believed to be Florida, according to Saturday's Newark Star-Ledger.

    "I've heard that he would like to go to Florida if the money was appropriate," an unnamed general manager told the Star-Ledger. "My personal opinion is that if Florida came up with a $13 million or $14 million deal, he'd go there."

    The Mets and the Orioles had been believed to be the only teams seriously pursuing Guerrero. But the Mets announced Saturday night that they were no longer in the running after Guerrero rejected their three-year offer.

    According to the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles are now offering a five-year, $67.5 million deal after originally making a five-year, $65 million proposal.

    The Orioles had been considered the favorites because they are offering more guaranteed money than the Mets, who are believed to be offering a $30 million deal over three years with plenty of incentives. But according to the Star-Ledger report, talks between Guerrero and the Orioles are falling apart.

    The Mets believe they have some key factors going for them. There's the lure of staying in the National League, and of playing in New York, which has a large Dominican population. However, it now appears the Marlins would be the biggest obstacle for the Mets to land Guerrero.

    For most of the offseason, the Mets had shied away from going after the "big fish" on the free agent market. But Guerrero's continued availability -- and the Orioles' lack of success in signing him -- have brought the Mets into the mix.

    If Guerrero does not decide soon, other teams may get in the mix. The Tigers, with plenty of money to spend, may get involved, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

    Meanwhile, Mets players were salivating about the possibility of playing with Guerrero.

    "Oh, my goodness. It would make [the Mets outfield] so good," new center fielder Mike Cameron said in a phone interview with the New York Post. "I don't know what Vlady's situation is about playing in New York, but if they want me to call Vladimir, I know a little Spanish. That would be awesome."

    "It'd be unbelievable," catcher Vance Wilson told the Post. "Everyone's worried about his back, but you get him off that turf in Montreal. ... He works hard and he's a gamer. They'd love him in New York."

    As much as the Mets want Guerrero, they seem unwilling to take a huge financial chance on him. They got burned after trading for Mo Vaughn before the 2002 season. The Mets announced Thursday that Vaughn would miss the entire season with his knee problem.

    Guerrero missed close to two months last season because of a herniated disk but was terrific after returning, finishing the season with a .330 average, 25 home runs and 79 RBI for

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    Obviously, the mystery team is the Angels. but that changes nothing as far as the Mets go.

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    The wrong guy sold out when the Mets went from 2 owners to 1. Doubleday should have bought out Wilpon, not the other way around. Remember. it was Doubleday who wanted Piazza, while Wilpon didn't. That was a turning point, at that time.


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