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Thread: ACLU backs Limbaugh

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    They had no choice. The blatant hypocracy exhibited if they didn't would have been too obvious for even liberals to ignore.

    If Limbaugh were gone tomorrow, it wouldn't affect my opinions one bit. Where do you get all your talking points from when the MOVEON.ORG webservers are down for maintenance?

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by bitonti[/i]@Jan 13 2004, 02:23 PM
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    Bitonti -

    From what I have been able to gather, Clark DID say the "until the moment of birth" line, but has since backed off of it and tried to clarify things and is essentially a cookie-cutter pro-choice guy, although he did say he would veto the partial birth bill, however that seems to be the mainstream Democratic viewpoint (which is precisely why he takes it, most likely).

    In any event, I am keeping an open mind with regards to Clark, but I have to tell you that even though it appears to not be as horrifying as it initially did, I can't say I share your enthusiasm for him at this point. But I am getting pissed off enough at Bush to consider other options, although I must tell you I don't see very many viable alternatives for myself withing the current crop of Dems.

    Ugh - I may just vote for Pat again!

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    5ever i don't agree with the General's stance on everything i just feel he is the best candidate for the job out of the pack.

    as we have discussed previous until irrational thought can be extracted from the abortion issue (this Irrational thought does indeed come from BOTH SIDES) there will be no headway made. Its a shame the General made that statement and a greater shame he doesn't make himself more attractive by taking a more effective stand... my only hope is you (and millions of others) will have the opportunity to hear him speak live or in debate at some point and realize the character and talent of this man.

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    The ACLU has also always been there to defend bible thumpers, skinheads, and all of the Left's biggest straw voodoo doll nightmares in addition to WeebSpirit and NYComeback's favorite pet nightmares of drug addicts, rapists, mumia activists, gays, and pacifists.

    With the ACLU it's not about the "Who" but rather about the "Why". They serve a vital watchdog purpose and are far more consistent in applying it universally than 99% of the political/legal 'advocacy' organizations out there.

    This latest development is not the least bit surprising or offensive, though it creates hilarious strange bedfellows. Yet another institution or pinciple Rush has spent years demoninzing to his loyal throng but will now happily rely upon to bail his ass out. He also has hired one of the most notorious and nasty litigation freak trial lawyers in Roy Black.


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