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Thread: The Dennis Miller Show

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    If you came here to make personal attacks on Miller please leave.

    Just curious if any of you have been watching the new Dennis Miller show on CNBC and if so, what are your thoughts?

    I've been watching since monday night and while it isn't bad, Miller looks pretty nervous up there and the stage production a bit rusty. It's almost as if they didn't rehearse much before they had their first show.

    I like his interviews, as well as his 'varsity panel' for the most part, although I'd like to see him be more aggresive in his questioning, specially towards those guest who lean to the left. Not because I want him to belittle the guests, but because that what I expected from his show. I guess I thought it would be more 'confrontational'.

    My two reccommendations as of now.

    1). Get some non-republican guests for the opening interview once in a while. The last two were Schwarzenegger and McCain.

    2) While his brief 'stand-up" news reporting is funny, it doesn't have the same effect without a live audience. When he gets to the punchline of his 'reports', you can hear the stage hands laughing and that's it. He delivers them as if he's expecting a reaction from a live audience but of course they're not there.

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    I think the guy misses the response he used to get from a live studio audience.

    He should just go back to his HBO show. That's when he was at his best.

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    I've always wavered back and forth on Miller; he was freakin' hilarious on Saturday Night Live until the last couple of seasons, then he had the network show that bombed, and then his HBO show which I thought was the best --- he made it pretty omnidirectional in terms of content and political bias, and he was free to drop the occasional foul language to spice up his rants.

    Then came MNF, where he was simply out of place -- I didn't hate him as much as most of the fans/media, especially considering he was technically replacing senile idiot Frank Gifford in the trio, but he wasn't that effective either.

    The thing that bugs me about this show is that 1) it's too frequent -- he works better IMO on a weekly basis and 2) he's going into it with an obvious reinvention as a right wing pundit; a libertarian one who is more logical and funny than the Hannity-Coulter lunatic fringe, but pushing an agenda even if he does it relatively fairly just goes against some of what made Miller great in the first place; that cranky cynical give-it-to-all-sides spirit.

    I'll check in on it occasionally just to see how he does (I meant to turn it on last night but fell asleep early), but it seems right now that he's trying to be the Fox News crowd's answer to Bill Maher rather than the old Dennis Miller.

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    I saw the first show. It was good, but something is missing. I think it needs a little time to get up to speed.


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