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Thread: No Reason the Jets can't be either of those teams

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    Originally posted by jetsfreak@Feb 2 2004, 11:21 AM
    :ph34r: is Herm like the worst coach in fottball??? Give it a friggin rest already!!! All this talk about clock management...yes he needs to wotrk on it but how many games did clock management cost us??? Wewere in like every friggin game.....all this one talks about the two playoff we shellacked the Packers and the Colts...did he do a decent coaching job in thoses games????

    The Jets were in like every game this year.....we were snakebitten from pre season!

    It's the offseason and we are waiting for the draft and free agency...Yes Herm needs to improve (as does every coach in the league to get to the next level) but the constant chatter is now waaaaaaay too old...he is the with it and get ready for the offseason.
    u realize u r just as boring as the diatribes u r complaing about....

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    Originally posted by TomShane+Feb 2 2004, 11:20 AM--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (TomShane @ Feb 2 2004, 11:20 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>
    Originally posted by -Maxman@Feb 2 2004, 11:09 AM
    Originally posted by -TomShane@Feb 2 2004, 10:52 AM
    Originally posted by -Maxman@Feb 2 2004, 01:54 AM
    @Feb 2 2004, 12:36 AM
    Uh, no. The Jets CS is far behind both of the teams we saw today this is laughable. Hot chick, though.

    John Fox didn&#39;t exactly put on a how to clinic today. Fox was very Martz-like. Never a good thing.

    Max, right now they offer you the opportunity to trade coaching staffs-- The Jets staff for the Panthers staff-- You taking it?



    Why would I trade Herm when he is going to win the SuperBowl next season?

    My real point is this...THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER. Every coach makes mistakes.
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    Originally posted by scrizzy@Feb 2 2004, 10:54 AM
    Listen Carolina was 1-15 two years ago and the Pats went 5-11 before their first Superbowl. This is the NFL in the age of parity. Yes the team can be rebuilt, but it will require good drafting and maybe getting lucky on a lesser free agent or two.
    The jets need to hit on about 6 lesser FA types. Take the green glasses off.
    The jets could very well finish in the basement next year in spite of having Chad.

    A lot of the threads just concern themselves with finding starters, you have to have competant B/Us as well. You also could go the other way and lose Ellis, ABe and Mckensie in 05&#39;.

    This is a very critical year for the jets. I hope for the sake of our rivalry that it does not happen.

    The jets need a #1 corner and a #4 corner, Mickens while overpriced is ok and Don would be a very competant #2

    Both safeties have to be upgraded, The pats going 5 wide and the Bills if they smartenup and get Drew his weapons back will out match the jets secondary.

    Hobsun should be good/very good at MLB, on the outside he will be picked on in the passing game, WLB and SLB both need major upgrades.

    Your Dline is better than average and can be potentially a dominant one ranking up there with Tampa and Carolina. the new Dline coach I believe will help, Herm has to run roughshod on drob however. A run stuffer along the lines of robaire Smith/Woodward should be bought in for the rotation.

    Fabini, is on the decline, that shoulder injury must have permanently affected him, or the big money contract. I think moving him inside is a good idea and upgrading the other side of Mac, whatever side he ends up playing. regardless of this move another NFL quality guard has to be found.

    I think Wayne is done, The Jets need two more WRs a Legit 1B type and a solid rotational guy.

    The jets are loaded at RB

    Qb is a strength, but a bu is neded if vinny is not here, and I dont mean "fumbles Bollinger"

    STs as on most teams can be upgraded, but are not the reason to hold the jets back.

    The pats went to the super bowl and I think they need 7-8 players, some fans here think 3 or four guys and your in the big game.

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    I have come to grips with the fact that this franchise will NEVER win a championship. Been a Jet fan since 71. Heartbreak upon heartbreak. I&#39;m sick and tired of watching other teams in the big game every single year. I have no faith in ownership, the front office, the coaching staff, the whole lousy organization... Sorry to be so negative, but it&#39;s just the way I feel.

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    Green glasses? I&#39;m a Pats fan. Did I say the Jets were going to win it all next year? No. I said they could rebuild by drafting well and hitting on a couple of lesser (by which I mean cheap) free agents like the Pats did in 2001 and the Panthers did with delhomme.

    You may forget that the Pats sucked as recently as 2000 and the Panthers as recently as 2001, but I don&#39;t. I&#39;m not saying that it&#39;s going to happen. But if you think that there&#39;s no way that it WILL happen, then you are looking through - I don&#39;t know - Red, White, and Blue glasses.

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    If the Jets are run well, they could be there in two years.

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    :ph34r: look at the last couple of years....a team wins the superbowl and does not even make the playoffs the next year....anything can happen and the Jets has a chance like any other team....the Panthers were 1-15 two years ago and I rememeber the Jets barely beating that team. I saw someone say that he does not think the Jets will ever win a championship again...well thats his opinion.....I look at the changes this team will make and this will be a vastly different team come training camp.

    I wish the draft was like tommorrow.

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    I agree with any post that has that picture on it.

    I think it all comes down to how fast the D can learn the new guy&#39;s scheme...and if the scheme isn&#39;t from outer space.


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