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Thread: Gamble or Hall in the.....

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    If we gonna draft a Corner 1st round, which i got no problem with, i want it to be one of these two players

    Chris Gamble or DeAngelo Hall.

    I don't know enough about each player, just enough to know they the best of the group and only worth taking mid 1st.

    no matter what i still wanna trade down (maybe with San Fran or New Orleans).

    which is better, or which does what better....

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    Gamble has more potential and is a better athlete but Hall has the speed and experience.

    Tough call.

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    :ph34r: I have seem quite a bit of both of them....I'd have to go with Gamble though. He is a better corner. Hall temds to use his athletic ability while Gamble is more polished at this stage.


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