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Thread: Our real problem made evident in SB

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    The SB has proven the fact that without a good oline you can't win. If you look all the teams in the playoffs had good oline. People blame our defense for the reason we have started slow the last couple of years which is not completely fair. At the start of each season we had trouble running the ball especially in short yardage situations.

    That is why the Patriots couldn't stop the run last year. Because they couldn't run the ball which hurt their run defense and all they did was pass which doesn't wear the opposing team down.

    So for us to make the playoffs and go deep we have to improve our oline particularly at the guard position. We should focus more on our oline that at receiver.

    Because when u got running backs like Martin and Jordan theirs no reason why we should not be top 10 in rushing. Like we were a couple of years ago.

    Because Chad was getting no time to throw the ball against Oakland and in the NE game.

    And if we don't improve our running game Chad won't last to long in the pocket.

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    I have screamed for YEARS on this board that a good O-Line makes average talent look like All-World types.

    Case in point: The 2003 Giants-- so many great skill players, but Accorsi f*cks Fassel hard-core by letting his O-Line walk, and lo and behold- 4-12

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    When the season started, vinny/chad got GREAT pass protection but terrible run blocking.

    You can argue that Run blocking is a different beast and an OL can be good at one and not the other.

    But what if they only gave gave the pass protection to cover their a$$eS after Chad got hurt?

    What if they said... "well, I suppose we'll block for the qb, so we don't get fired, but the RB ain't hurt so screw him. besides, if the RB does get hurt nobody will blame us. check please."

    I think it's all an effort thing. The OL has it's own version of cover two...those two being their buttocks.

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    personally i don't think the PATS OL played as well as people give it credit for...

    yes it played fine... but it was Tom Brady moving around in the pocket and getting rid of the ball that was the juice behind that 0 sacks - several times brady got absolutely smacked... but he got the ball off first... Penny needs to improve pocket awareness, too often he holds onto the ball and takes a huge hit, causing fumbles ETC.

    the way i see it there is one hole on the OL the LG position - as its currently setup Brent Smith (gag) and Dave Yovanovitz are competing for the job. Yovi would be an undersized tackle but could work out as a guard... from Mawae's comment "no more projects" though im not too confident.

    an interesting footnote... Damien Woody is probably a goner. With his ACL tear will probably be a much lower priced UFA than he would have been. It wasn't too long ago when PATS fans were saying there's no way in hell they let him go etc etc...

    Very good fit with the JETS - he's ideal for pulling which is the JETS bread and butter -
    This guy can play guard for a while and when Kevin decides enough is enough they can move him to center. Like Cowart they give him an incentive laden deal based on recovery from injury. Tough player and a sound investment overall

    remember though it usually takes a player 2 full years to come back from knee reconstruction... although some guys (like Jamal Lewis and 2002 Dave Szott) can do the rehab and get right back on the horse in a matter of months.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by bitonti[/i]@Feb 3 2004, 11:34 AM
    [b] Damien Woody is
    Very good fit with the JETS - [/b][/quote]
    hey 2 Woody's are better than One


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