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Thread: Funniest/Best lines you've read on JI

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    GreenPetey was a guy who would be up at 3 am having a good time posting and laughing at other people's stuff. I always wondered, with no small amount of jealousy, why this guy was always in such a good mood. In honor of his passing, I started to think about some of the stuff he was always laughing at and I thought it would be cool to start a thread about some of the better lines you've read on JI.

    My two personal faves are:

    "Jets5MulesInMyMouth (in responding to Jets5ever)" - can't remember the auteur.

    On whether Kenyatta Wright would be able to replace LB James Darling who signed with Arizona as a FA: "Relax, Wright will be able to chase people into the end zone just as well as Darling can." --again, can't remember the auteur

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    Pick any one of a number of authors


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