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    I am a Volunteer in a Fire Department, and when we were at a call, our Chief and Captian were on the NY Jets Bike Episode.

    They were with the NYFD who stopped to help the crew when they crashed the trailer on the GW Bridge. They told some pretty funny stories about what went on while trying to fix the Trailer.

    This was when they were on the way to Hofstra to start working on the Jets Bike.

    So if someone has a copy of the episode from Monday night, can you please PM or e-mail me.



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    It's on again Friday 9PM.

    BTW: As discussed earlier it sucked. The FDNY part was better than the bike part.

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    Thanks Sooth,

    Our Chief was telling some funny stories, about the work they were doing when once they got the Trailer back to the station.

    He told us that while the entire department was running around working hard.

    Mike was sitting in the back room on a recliner with a large glass of soda watching TV...When they asked him if he was comfortable and needed anything, he answered in a joking manner...yah, I need our trailer fixed.

    They said the guys from OCC were really nice and thankful for all the help with the trailer.

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    haha really i saw it and loved it great episode


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