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Thread: If Shawn Andrews or Gallery falls to 12

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    Our secondary is the glaring weakness but are these 2 o-linemen two good to pass up?

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    Gallery is EASILLY too good to pass up.... Andrews I'm less familiar with, but if he's as good as the rep, ditto.

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    Id take gallery in a heartbeat.....

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    i would take either of them in a heartbeat...move fabini to guard...would be great...that could be a really really good offensive line...

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    If one of them fell we would have to grab one.

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    I would definately take them, but i think our first two picks have to go to our Glaring Needs at CB and LB

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    Gallery is a franchise left tackle and one of the best lineman to come out in years. He would be a no brainer. Andrews wouldn't be a bad pick at # 12 but is not a LT. We would be better off using Andrews as trade bait than taking him if he falls to us.

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    Andrews at Guard ??

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by JetOrange[/i]@Feb 4 2004, 12:23 AM
    [b] Andrews at Guard ?? [/b][/quote]
    Andrews is more of a RT.

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    If either of them is still there at 12 I would have to take them. Picture an OL of

    LT Gallery
    LG Fabini
    C Mawae
    RG Moore
    RT McKenzie

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    It would be crazy for the Jets to pass up either one of those tackles if they slid down to # 12 regardless of our defensive needs.


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