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Thread: Run Stuffer

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    I know this may be a dumb question for most of you. I do respect everyone's opinions and thoughts. One of our biggest problems last year was not being able to stop the run. I know and understand our needs include WR, LB and CB, but, as long as we may be trading down, does it not make sence to draft a Wilfork type DT as a "run stuffer?" I know that would not solve our LB delima, but is it out of the question??????

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    It is an option. I would not be upset at all if we drafted a run stuffer, actually we have to sometime.

    With that being said, I do not expect us to draft Wilfork or any DT in the 1st. There are going to be some real big boys available in rounds 2-4 that could easily fit the need.

    The kid I'm impressed with is Isacc Sopoaga from Hawaii

    Fergie doesn't cut it for me. A linebackers best friend is a DT that can take on blockers. Ask NE's LBs how much having Ted Washington helped them out.

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    its not out of the question...i don't know how likely it is...but its definatly not out of the question...


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