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Thread: Something to remember about the NFL Draft

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    Last year before we traded our 2 #1's to move up we had the 13th and 22nd picks. Here we are this year with the 12th pick. Many mocks are projecting us to take one of the following players:
    DJ Williams
    Reggie Williams
    Roy Williams
    DeAngelo Hall
    Chris Gamble

    Last year there were a few players being mentioned for us in mocks in the first round. The ones I listed below did not even go in the first round.

    [b]Player [/b][b]Overall [/b][b]Round[/b]
    Boss Bailey 34 2
    Rashean Mathis 39 2
    Terry Pierce 51 2
    Mike Doss 58 2
    Teyo Johnson 63 2
    Kelly Washington 65 3

    This further demonstrates while it is fun to do mock drafts, very few will be even close to resembling where players will end up. Do I think Vilma could last until our 2nd pick? Yes I do. There will be alot of changes and alot of trade downs at the top. There was a time when having a top ten pick guaranteed you a star. But for the money you have to pay a first round pick these days and the way guys like Ricky Manning Jr. (3rd round) play, I would trade out of the first round completely.
    I guess all I am saying is that alot of the players that mocks have us selecting are too early to pick at 12. That is, if history has shown us anything. I [b]laugh [/b]to myself everytime I think of the discussion from last year about how great it would be if we selected Kelly Washington at 13 and Boss Bailey at 22. :unsure: B)

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    You know what's even more fun than a mock draft? A mock Draft Day Party, and U can bring the chips! :lol: :lol: :lol:


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