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Thread: Fantasy Baseball around the corner

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    I am starting a fantasy baseball league on Yahoo! for if anyone on here is interested in playing. The league will have 12 teams, with head to head matchups. Yahoo baseball should allow leagues to start up sometime in the middle of the month. So if anyone on this board is interested in playing either emailing me at or by PMing me.
    There will be 10 slots available (me and my brother Guns are already in) so the first ten people I hear from will be put into the league. Once we have the teams, we can run the draft one of two ways: either by auto-draft, or by all of us getting together in a Yahoo chat room and having our own draft. I would prefer to have a manual draft because I would like to get players I want on the team, as I am sure everyone else does. but it depends on if we can find a time where everyone will be at the computer. So everyone interested please contact me.

    Looking forward to the season

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    I will definetly be in.

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    Sorry, I'm already in one (AL only) with another group. Been there for most of the past 10 seasons, although I sat out a few.

    My draft strategy has been high average hitters, solid pen and pitching. The HR's and RBI's fall into line down the road. My last 4 seasons have seen me with 1 - 1st place finish, and 3 - 3rd's.

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    count me in...


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