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    Could everyone just post their trades in here. So I can keep track of it a little easier.

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    Hers is a recap of my trades involving Cleveland and Green Bay

    Trade # 1

    For those who missed James Hasty's post in the draft thread, the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns have agreed on a blockbuster trade

    The Bills {GJ&H} have dealt OG Vernon Carey, who they selected 32nd Overall, to the Browns {JH}

    In turn the Browns have sent WR Quincy Morgan to the Buffalo Bills

    This trade works for both teams, as the Browns are in dire need of O-Line and they just aquired the consensus #1 OG in the draft ... a mountain of a man and a mauler who will start for them immediately

    The Bills felt Josh Reed could replace Peerless Price and create a solid tandem with Eric Moulds ... NEVER HAPPENED

    Reed fell flat on his face and Moulds saw constant double teams ... but this Bills GM is absolutely convinced that Moulds & Morgan will make a terrific duo, as they both stand over 6 feet tall and the 27 year old Morgan is just about ready to make his mark

    Make no mistake ... the Browns needed O-Line and they just snagged a damn good one ... the Bills are well aware of that ... but our passing game took a huge hit with the departure of Price and this situation needed to be addressed ... we are very content that we have done so

    As of now the Bills will have Drew Bledsoe at QB {Grooming Phillip Rivers} ... MaGahee at RB ... with Eric Moulds & Quincy Morgan at WR

    The Bills war-room is feeling mighty good about the way this offense is shaping up for 2004 and beyond

    Trade # 2

    The Bengals picked up

    and still have

    Browns now have

    to go along with #69

    Trade # 3

    As announced on the draft thread, the Green Bay Packers have traded pick # 86 to the Cincinnati Bengals for pick # 105 and 113.

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    the falcons and broncos have agreed to and submitted a trade to the commish

    the broncs 4th and 5th round picks for the falcs 4th round pick.

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    The Green Bay Packers have traded pick # 117 (their own third round pick) to the Ginats for pick # 131 (round five) and the Giant's sixth round pick.

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    The Eagles and Jets completed a trade in round 2:

    Eagles (Soppel) received RB Curtis Martin and TE Anthony Becht
    Jets (GJ&H) received eagles second round pick (Devry Henderson, WR) and TE LJ Smith


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