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Thread: Who is still in?

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    It is very frustrating to have the draft held up for hours when people don't even bother to check the thread or give their picks to someone else if they know they aren't going to be around.

    Post your name in this thread is you are still picking. We can use this thread to figure out if any teams need new GMs. Hopefully this will get things moving again.

    James Hasty (Cleveland. Green Bay) still here.

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    GJ&H {Jets & Buffalo} IS IN

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    You need to take into consideration that not everybody has as much time as we do...


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    TB (Seattle Seahawks) in.....

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    I should mind my own business, I suppose, because I'm not part of this particular mock draft. However, the frustration people are feeling over the slow pace of this thing, is a reason why I don't like doing these things.

    Let's face reality: Not everyone can post day after day, so there are going to lulls in this kind of draft. I can't blame anyone for that.

    But I will put forth a possible solution, that I shared with my Internet friend Green Jets@Ham. I told GJ@Ham this is how I would do it:

    OK, why don't folks just start sending the person that runs this draft, or someone else that's going to be logged on a lot, a list of 4 or 5 players (via PM or E-mail) they want, in the order that you want that player picked?

    So, for example, if my pick is two or 3 slots away, I could submit a list of players, that I would like picked in the order I want them.

    For example: I could list players like this 1) RB--Melawede Moore 2) WR--John Staneford 3) WR--James Newson 4) FS--Brett Hudson

    OK, when my pick comes up, if I take more than an hour to respond, the draft leader would simply award me with best available player at that point....

    Do it this way, and the draft will fly by much faster and be more enjoyable :o

    Just a suggestion.

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    Of course I'm in....but I'd like to maybe end this one early and start another with the people we "know" will be around!!

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    Obviously I'm still in.

    Riggins, we have suggested that already people just care to do that. Bitonti is working on a program which could solve many of our problems. We shall see how that works out.

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    like RIggins idea though - i was worrying about all the different ways the draft could move on once the time limit is up... the first was autoPick based on a set rank... but after that didn't want to institute a full pre-rank yet cause its too code intensive... "first one to post" might be feasible for some people but is not a perfect solution

    i like the top 5 concept... the user sets their top 5 for round and submits it... it can be done at beginning of draft or at any time during... way easier and better than pre-ranking 450 prospects. good stuff B)

    on the horizon are forums and the players. hope to have the first draft held the week of/after combines. pretty much when we can get this lot through 7 rounds...

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    Thanks men. I did one of these drafts on another site before the last draft and just decided, unless some kind of formula was worked out ahead of time, I wanted no part of these drafts. I can recall being 5 picks away and seeing 4 straight picks made within a matter of hours. However, that 5th person would take two or three days to log on, and it would ruin everything.

    I really believe in my system. In the first round, the #1 pick is automatic. After that, you can have a system of submitting ten names to a moderator and you'd be awarded the top available player on the list. This would be like waivers in the NFL, where the GM with the top claim get's the player.

    By the 3rd round, picks would vary so much, you could get the lists down to 5 players, or so.

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    Cardinals and Pathers Stoner Jet 63 is still in, it gets pretty frutrating when we are moving at the pace of a snail, I will admit the reason I missed my last pick with the Cardinals is because i figured we were still in the previous round at that time, at the pace we were going. I wouldn't minding just ending this one, and getting JUST people that will be here for sure or will send their picks for sure. Hell I'd be willing to take 5 teams if need be.


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