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Thread: Alex Who?

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    Brace yourselves cause this is not a Joke

    The Mets actually sent their season ticket holders {all two of them} an email today to inform them they had signed SP Randy Kiesler

    The title of the email read ... Alex Who?

    Nope, you can't make this stuff up ... this really happened

    The Mets ... :lol:

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    That is funny. The Mets should steal some talent from the Yankees. Not baseball talent but talent from the Marketing department.

    On WFAN today they played the phone greeting on the NY Yankees phone line. Something to the effect of:
    "Hi this is Alex Rodriguez of the NY Yankees. Wow Alex Rodriguez of the NY Yankees, I like to sound of that. Hold on and an operator will be with you shortly".

    I don't remember the exact words but it was AROD. The guy gets off the plain and they have the foresight to realize that his voice could help sell tickets.

    That is why the Yankees are # 1. Ticket sales are already at a great pace. But they don't sit back, they constantly look for ways to make things better.

    The Jets could learn a lot from the Yankees. Maybe Woody should apply for a summer internship.


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