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    Hey, Sausages, I don't blame ya for wearing those costumes. If worked for the Brewers I'd wanna hide my face, too.

    Hey, Sausages, nice race. I haven't seen somebody stumble around like that since Diana Ross's field sobriety test.

    Hey, Sausages, no offense, but if I want to hang out with a big meathead--I'll give Rod Woodson a call.

    Hey, Sausages, you guys remind me of Jennifer Lopez. . .the best part of you is your buns.

    Hey, Sausages, you're a huge hunk of meat that runs around acting crazy? Are you sure we weren't married?

    Hey, Sausages, you're tall, goofy-looking, and people laugh at you during games... maybe we should call you John Salley.

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    hey Sausages- my friend Randall Simon wants to show you something.


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