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Thread: "projected round graders" needed

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    hey guys

    i need person or persons who consider themselves draftniks and would be willing to look at a list of prospects and assign players a grade based on projected round... this grade will be used in a list in the tool for the next mock draft post-combine)

    its really easy - you see a prospect (for example: Deangelo hall) and type in what round grade he deserves (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc) - if the guy is gonna be a free agent he gets an "8"

    and that's about it... there's no decimal places or anything else - and its not like if there are more than 32 first round grades its a problem - its a rough guide more than anything else. i've been working on it but there are still many yet to be graded...

    interested in helping? post here, PM, or email me

    later- Bitonti

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    Bit, I would be happy to provide input, if I can, to the best of my abilities. Given the fact that none of us have all the answers (and I have fewer answers than most), I think it would be beneficial to get as much input as you can on this.

    You know what would be a decent thing to do, but I'm not sure if we could ever do it: Wouldn't it be great if we could get a bunch of the draft followers here at JI in a chatroom at the same time to discuss where the players should be ranked?

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    i could set up a chatroom on - draftniks? any interest in that?

    also i have a draftcenter beta version wanted to test with someone/anyone... just to see if it would work... many people would be optimal but i could do it with just one person alternating picks... its for testing we wouldn't go a full 7 rounds

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    I'm down. I may not be as informed as some of these other draftniks but I'd like to throw my 2 cents in.


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