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Thread: How about them NETS!!!

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    They just keep on winning ! How many here think the sched. has just been friendly and that`s why they`ve won 13 in a row & how many here think LAWERENCE FRANKS is a legitimie NBA coach & not just lucky ,Isay he`s a great coach and has had the sense to go more to his talented bench and rest his starters during games so their fresh at the end ,which BYRON just ran the starters from start to finish ....thoughts.

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    Well he does get more out of his bench than Scott did. As much as I appreciate Scalabrine's effort, it's nice that he sees more pine time. Hubert is a good addition, too. Frank gets crazy now and then, like with that Brendan Anderson(name?) substitution a week ago. Kidd will keep him in line, though and he knows his place. NO is a decent team, so this is sweet. It'll be interesting to see how far this can go. Indy's banged up with Artest out and the 1 seed is within reach.

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    It's nice to see things coming together....

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    The sched hasn't been brutal but they have beaten some good teams including last night over New Orleans. They also won at Houston and vs. detroit but the streak is definitely in jeopardy this week as they play at Minnesota on Weds and host the lakers on Sunday.


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