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Thread: College basketball sucks now

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    This is what college basketball has come to::

    5'10" PG dribbles for 10 seconds at the top of the key, swings it baseline to small forward who cannot shoot, dribble or score, yet fakes like he is going to drive, kicks back to the elbow to 5'10" PG who takes two hard dribbles and takes an off-balance three. 5'10" PG hits, pounds chest, the 3 makes him 4-17 on the night.

    God DAMN college basketball sucks.

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    One good thing about the college game this year. There is no clear cut favorite for the NCAA's. U-Conn, Stanford, St Joe's, even Duke, and several others can all win. That's what makes it exciting. Your scenaro has happened almost every year in the college game for the past 30, with dozens of teams. It's nothing new this year.


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