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Thread: Brian Bouche

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    Remember him? The guy who had 5 straight shut-outs or something?

    He's 1-10 since then.

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    Phoeniz as a whole has been garbage since.

    They have no buisness playing hockey in Arizona....period. They deserve to suck.

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    Yeah, I sure remember, having to hear the worst of the Philly boo birds whenever a former Flyer has a half decent run. Some of the more lunatic ones still bring out the crow pie offers every time Dan McGillis doesn't completely ruin a game for the Bruins, or Chris McAllister logs more than 2 minutes of postive +/- ice time in Colorado.

    I can't wait to hear the crying if Justin Williams ever scores more than 20 in a season for the Canes, or Maxim Oullet finally cracks the NHL and gets his first shutout.


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